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10 hour fishing trip
5 hour fishing trip
8 hour fishing trip
12 hour fishing trip
Overnight fishing trips
Whale Watching / Birding Tours

$950 for a 5-hour trip fishing trip.  

Not available June 1 - August 2,2021
On all of our trips, we do whatever it takes to catch fish. Five hours of fishing is the minimum time needed to get offshore and target different types of fish. On these charters, we typically target red snapper, ling, kingfish, Spanish mackerel, sharks, mangrove or gray snapper, grouper, dorado (also called Mahi-mahi or dolphin fish) 


$1200. Red Snapper Special    5- 7 hours Targeting Red Snapper 

Season Closed June 1, 2021, - Aug. 3, 2021, Red Snapper Fish trips for5-7 hours. 

We target red snapper with trolling time for kingfish and Spanish Mackerel along the way.

 If we cannot find the red snapper within 5 hours, we will go up to 7 hours or sunset                                                                                       


$1,500 for an 8-hour fishing trip. 
Eight hours of fishing gives more time needed to get offshore and more time fishing. On these charters, we typically target red snapper, ling, kingfish, Spanish mackerel, sharks, mangrove or gray snapper, grouper, dorado (also called Mahi-mahi or dolphin fish), and sometimes get lucky with the occasional tuna, wahoo or sailfish.


$1,800 for 10 hours of fishing trips.
Ten-hour trips give the extra time to locate and hook into some other types of fish, particularly amberjack, tuna, and wahoo. We will still target most of the same fish as on an 8-hour charter but have more time to try for the amberjack and tuna. 


$2,100+ for 12 - 16 hours fishing trips, $125/each additional hour.

If you are looking to fight some big billfish and other deepwater species then this is the trip for you. We will troll for blue marlin, white marlin, sailfish, and also target wahoo, dorado, yellowfin, and blackfin tuna. Or if you like we can spend more time catching all the species targeted on the 8 or 10-hour trips *$125/each additional hour. Call, text, or email for details.


$3600.00 for overnight fishing trips. (24 hours) The first overnight trip we offer is 24 hours. We will target broadbill swordfish at night while drifting over deep water with our lights on. Usually, we try to grill fresh fish caught during the day for a relaxing dinner before the hopeful chaos of a hard-fighting swordfish. During the day we troll the same as we do on any 12+ hour trip plus we can bottom fish for snapper, groupers, and amberjack when in season.



$4800 “The Floater Trip” (Oil Rig fishing trip)
This is the pure big game fishing experience. We don’t put a time limit on this trip other than to say 35-40+ hours, because you never know ifou’re going to hook into a big one that will take its time. The floating oil rigs that we fish at are located approximately 120+ miles east of South Padre Island. We troll on our transit to the rig catching wahoo, dorado, tunas, sailfish, white marlin, and blue marlin. When we arrive at the rig we will either continue trolling or we may opt to live bait for big blue marlin until dark. As the sun sets the tunas usually come to the surface. That is when we change our strategy to focus on the big yellowfin tuna and smaller blackfin tuna. Sometimes we fish all night and other times it’s over with a bloody deck and boxes full of tuna limits after just a few hours. The following day, as we return to South Padre Island, we will troll some more and may bottom fish for red snapper, amberjack and groupers depending on seasons.


We are also available for Whale Watching and Bird-Watching Tours. When in the season (usually May through October), you may see Pygmy Sperm Whales, Pilot Whales, Humpback Whales, Killer Whales, Spotted Dolphins, Bottle-nosed Dolphins, and Whale Sharks. Please call for rates on these trips.



*Some prices are subject to change with seasons.




Snapper Special
The Floater Trip (Oil Rig Fishing Trip)
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