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Red Snapper Season June 1, 2021 - Aug. 3, 2021

Sports Fishing for Red Snapper from South Padre Island, TX.

Red Snapper Winter Texan Special  Season Begins 

$1200.00 average of 5-7 hours. 

The recreational snapper season went from June 1 to Aug. 2, 2021.  The strict limits during the past two years have led to a greater abundance of red snapper, driving more anglers to fish during the shorter season.

Book your charter early. 

Red Snapper fishing South Padre Island, TX. About Red Snapper The red snapper is a prized fish for food known for its delicate flavored light textured white meat and snapper throats are classed as a delicacy. This is why it is one of the most targeted fish found in the Gulf of Mexico. Red snapper has trademark red skin and red eyes. The vibrant red color is believed to come from the shrimp in their natural diet. Typical of most snappers, red snappers ordinarily form large schools of similar-sized fish around wrecks and reefs. It is commonly found in waters from 50 to 225 ft. (16 m - 75 m), but can be caught as deep as 300 ft (100 m) or more. They stay relatively close to the bottom around ledges, canyons, and man-made reefs, including offshore oil rigs and shipwrecks. A red snapper attains sexual maturity at age 2.5 and an adult snapper can live for more than 50 years. They have a moderate growth rate and can reach up to 40 inches and 50 pounds. The state record is 38.13 inches and 37.5 pounds Private Charter Red Snapper Fishing South Padre Island RED SNAPPER FISHING SPECIAL. FEDERAL RED SNAPPER SEASON ONLY. We will troll for kingfish, Dorado (mahi-mahi), and sails on the way out and on the way back. You may also catch ling, grouper, shark, dog snapper, and lane snapper. When we catch a limit of red snapper, we head home. These trips last anywhere from 5 to 8 hours. 


Red Snapper Season was a good one, still, time to book your Red Snapper Trips. Contact Captain Walker.

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